Mojo Ultimate Saltwater Chum

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Mojo Ultimate Saltwater Bait combines shrimp, fish, squid and other natural ingredients into a single offering. This is a pliable bait that may be wrapped around your hook to conceal it. Mold into a ball to sink faster in current, or flatten it out to match the drift of your chum. Bait stealing fish, such as Filefish have a difficult time picking Mojo Ultimate off the hook. This allows a better chance to reach the waiting gamefish farther back in the chum slick

To use:  Mold one or more pieces around hook. Drift back in current with as little weight as necessary. Bait resembles a naturally drifting piece of shrimp/fish/squid with powerful attractants. Use Snapper up and Yellowtail Up as chum to get fish close to your fishing location. Drift bait into chumslick. Flatten bait to slow drift. Shape into a ball to increase sink rate.